School incursions

Recommended 40 students per session

Bushcraft & Survival 101

A fun and informative 2 hour course that delivers the fundamentals of bush skills and survival strategy. With interactive demonstrations and practical exercises.


$600 a session

(minimum 2 sessions)



Excursion courses

Bare Bones Bushcraft

An exiting outback adventure. We spend some time in the great outdoors learning about bush life and the old ways. Camping under the stars and cooking meals over an open fire. Learning about bush tuckers and bush skills. 


$160 per student per night

Outback Adventure

Our frontier adventure invites you to a glimpse of the farm life in the outback on a working sheep station. Taking a look at the action inside the shearing sheds, out on a muster and what comes after. A look at early settler life and the bushcraft it took to come to Australia with nothing but a dream and the will to pursue it. Real bush camping as well as bushcraft and survival sessions.

$160 per student per night

Bush Lore

These exclusive courses focus on team building, resilience and personal discovery as well as the development of young men and women into adults. Indigenous tribes the world over held ceremonies to welcome the next generation. A practice all but absent in this day and age. Bushrangers is working closely with aboriginal communities that don't have rites of passage ceremonies. We feel young people from all walks of life could benefit from these ancient ways. 

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