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Bushrangers excursion courses tackle all of the important bushcraft and survival skills and theory in various locations all over Australia. Working with a range of young adults from inner city schools to remote indigenous communities. 

Bare Bones Bushcraft - This is a back to basics bushcraft and survival course. Striking out into the spectacular Australian outback to learn and implement the skills you need to survive in the bush. Working as a team to complete goals while enjoying all the marvels the wilderness has to offer. 

Outback Adventure - We’re proud to showcase the rugged charms of the great Australian pioneers on a working sheep station. Watch a muster and take a look at the goings on in the shearing sheds as wool is removed and prepared for market. Find out what it took for early western settlers who came to Australia with nothing but a dream and the will to pursue it. We take a look at frontier survival tools and the essential bushcraft skills required. 

Primitive Pathways - This specially catered course focuses on team bonding and the development of young men and women into adults. Indigenous tribes the world over held ceremonies to welcome the next generation. A practice all but absent in this day and age. Bushrangers is working closely with communities that don't have rights of passage ceremonies, assisting to deliver an experience and we feel young people from all walks of life could benefit. Participants undergo training before embarking on a journey to test these newfound skills. 

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